The 10 Friendliest Dog Breeds We Can Appreciate in New Jersey

Many of us are “dog” families. We love our dogs and we love all kinds of dog breeds here in New Jersey. Some prefer small dogs while others like large breeds. Some like sporting breeds while others like a cozy dog. Whichever type you like, we love our dogs here in the Garden State.

We had two dogs while our children were growing up here on the Jersey Shore. Max was our first and it was a wonderful Bichon Frize. Anyone who’s had a Bichon knows that he’s a fantastic family dog ​​and his non-shedding coat is hypoallergenic, which is another positive. Max was the perfect size and temperament for our family.

Our second dog, who is still with us today, is Dexter who is a Malta-Poo. Obviously a mix of Maltese and Poodle. Again, their fur is hypoallergenic and does not shed. As you can see, we planned this “hairless” approach lol. He is also an excellent family dog ​​and even as a very old man he is a cuddly pup.

This article is all about “friendly” dogs. recently posted an article featuring some of the “happiest” dogs for families and I wanted to share the Top 10 with you. If you have kids you might want some “happy” doggies for your house and these breeds are just what the “vet” ordered lol Michal Mikulec Michal Mikule

10. Pembroke Welsh Corgi Shreyas Chaudhari Shreyas Chaudhari

9. Labrador retriever Kanashi Kanashi

8. Havanese Brooke Cagle Brooke Cagle

7. Goldendoodle Enis Yavuz Enis Yavuz

6. Golden retriever Ja San Migue Ja San Migue

5. Cocker Spaniel Tracy Anderson Tracy Anderson

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Benjamin LECOMTE Benjamin LECOMTE

3. Brittany Spaniel Erik Mclean Erik Mclean

2. Boston Terrier Marliese Streefland Marliese Streefland


So here are the “friendliest” dog breeds you might want to look out for if your Jersey family is looking for a furry addition to your family 🙂

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