Nahant goes to the dogs (register)

Nahant Police Lt. Stephen Shultz came up with the idea for a “dog profile book.” (Spenser R. Hasak)

NAHANT — The city’s police department has created an easier way for pets to get home to their owners.

Lt. Stephen Shultz came up with the idea of ​​a “dog profile book,” which will keep photos of residents’ pets on hand in case they go missing. He said the idea came about after noticing an increase in the number of missing pets over the past year, especially dogs.

Since January, the city has had 16 missing dogs reported by animal control. To combat the issue, the system will have no limit on the number of submissions and will run continuously.

When submitting a photo, residents must include their dog’s name, home address, dog owner and phone number. All information will be kept on file and will only be available for police use.

Shultz, who has two dogs himself, said the department has tried using dog licenses but thinks profiles will be much easier.

“The real test will be the first lost dog that has a profile and if that helps find them,” he said.

According to Mariana Hire, secretary to the chief of police and creator of the system’s database, the department informed the city of the idea through a Facebook post on Monday. Since then, there have already been 17 submissions.

Nahant Police Chief Timothy Furlong said he would like to thank Shultz for the idea and Hire for his efforts to create the database and get the system up and running so quickly.

This will help continue the police department’s ongoing efforts to keep the community of Nahant and its pets safe,” he said.

To submit a photo, you can contact the service at [email protected].

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