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Introducing our obedience trainers Ann Shaw and Elsie Pretorius.

Hibiscus Kennel Club warmly welcomes Ann Shaw aboard to teach advanced obedience classes.

Shaw is a prominent figure in our community, so we are extremely lucky and honored to have her offer her services.

Born in the UK into a family of passionate dog trainers, Shaw has followed this family tradition.

His introduction to the canine world in South Africa dates back to 1995 after his departure from the United Kingdom. As soon as she settled in, she rescued a rough German Shepherd/collie pup from the SPCA and named him Freddie (that’s what happens when you’re a Queen fan).

Shaw and Freddie joined the Hibiscus Kennel Club and that was the start of many wonderful things to come.

They trained in obedience and reached the dizzying heights of the Advanced Class B Obedience Test.

Shaw learned a lot from this and realized that “serious” obedience training could be so much fun and so rewarding for her and Freddie.

In the meantime, canine sport evolved and dog jumping made its appearance, followed a few years later by dog ​​agility. Shaw was eager to expand her horizons and Freddie became her first dog to participate in this wonderful sport. She continued to do this with all of her dogs up to her current pack of four, namely Bondi, KK, Shenzi and Mandu.

In 2021, Shaw and Shenzi wiped the slate clean by winning the top category of the KZN Dog Athletics Association League for contact, non-contact and dog jumping.

Shaw has run a puppy school for 11 years and continues to do so.

She thinks it’s an essential part of a puppy’s informative months.

She is very happy to bring her vast knowledge of obedience training to the Hibiscus Kennel Club.

Shaw plans to change people’s minds into thinking obedience is boring because it’s a very necessary part of a dog’s life and it should be fun and rewarding. As Shaw says

“Training your dog should never be a chore. Happy well-behaved dog, happy owner.

She looks forward to seeing many new faces at the Hibiscus Kennel Club on a Saturday afternoon.

“Our second introduction is to Elsie Pretorius who teaches our beginner/intermediate obedience classes with handlers who want to enjoy and deepen their bond with their dogs. Pretorius joined the Hibiscus Kennel Club in 2004 with her German Shepherd , Tarka. This turned out to be his introduction to the wonderful world of canine obedience.

She was taken under the wing of all the very experienced and enthusiastic trainers, who were always happy to share their endless knowledge with anyone who wanted to learn.

“Pretorius and Tarka were keen and hard learners and became a great team that thrived,” the club said.

He added that over the next few years, Pretorius got a toy poodle and named her Shiro, saying that once Shiro got old enough, Pretorius broadened his horizons and embraced agility.

The club said that, as it is in Pretorius’ nature to give it her all, once again she thrived with Shiro, making her a Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA) dog jumping champion.

“She has added many other accolades to her name, such as winning the KZN No Contact Championships twice, as well as best performances in 2013 and 2015 to name a few. Pretorius currently has three dogs. Both Miko and Etsu are Miniature Poodles, and Kammi is her “bit collie. In her many years at the Hibiscus Kennel Club, she competed in go-karts, flyball, agility, and hoops. She buckled the loop and focus on obedience again. She believes the first step is to train handlers to be consistent and have fun with their dogs while learning obedience,” the club said.

He added that everyone dedicated to dog sport believes in reinvesting in various disciplines, and Shaw and Pretorius are no exception, saying the Hibiscus Kennel Club is very privileged to have both women in its ranks.

“Please keep an eye out for our next feature featuring Flyball and Hoopers. For all inquiries, please email Hibiscus Kennel Club at [email protected] or visit our Facebook page,” the club said. – Provided.


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