Electric City Kennel Club welcomes its Big Sky Fall cluster



GREAT FALLS – One of the nation’s oldest sports returns to Great Falls in the form of the Electric City Kennel Club’s Big Sky Fall Cluster, a weekend dog show with various dog events of all races.

The Kennel Club was formed in 1949 and has seen its fair share of heatwaves. This weekend will have four of those heatwave days as more than 400 dogs will participate this weekend in different events and more than 100 breeds are also present.

The event was canceled last year due to Covid, but more and more people are returning this year and are excited to show Great Falls what their dogs can do.

Kennel Club Treasurer Christian McClelland said the event has been going on for over 60 years and this year will be a good turnout since last year’s show couldn’t take place.

“The registrations are up a little bit just because people are so ready to start living their lives again and they are super excited to be here too. It’s a great weekend and we all love seeing other people and their dogs, ”said McClelland.
McClelland added that the dog shows are one of the oldest sporting events in the country. The Westminster Dog Club is only second in age in the Kentucky Derby.

With this age, many people have trained dogs over the years and the current generation is one of them as well. Kindra Shannon is a third generation dog trainer who has learned the ropes from her grandmother and mother and is ready to return to her hometown to show her dogs.

She is exhibiting a Leonberger named Roman this year which she believes is the largest breed she has worked with, but has had a good year back at shows with her family.

“My grandmother started when I was 16 or 17 and my mother was born there. She started at age three and I’ve been exhibiting dogs since I was four, ”Shannon said. “2020 really ruined everything because there weren’t any shows coming up, but I’m much happier now to be able to show my dogs and have attended a lot of different shows this year.”

You can visit the the kennel club website for more information.


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