Dogs are now allowed at some New Hampshire Fisher Cat Games

With baseball season upon us, more good news is available for you and your good boy or girl.

For the first time ever, your dog will now be allowed to watch the New Hampshire Fisher Cats with you in the stadium, according to the Fisher Cats website.

Cleveland Indians vs. Chicago White Sox

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Although some major league baseball teams have done it before, having the opportunity to do it for the first time at Delta Dental Stadium is very exciting for New Hampshire dog owners.

I hear the crowd now: “Bring me peanuts and bully sticks.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Tampa Bay Rays

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Not all games will be dog friendly. According to the website, there are currently three games for the “Bark in the Park” marquee event. For now, those matches are Thursday May 12, Wednesday June 15 and Wednesday August 31.

Maybe I’ll bring my two Muppet-like puppies and outfit them with some Fisher Cat gear.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Houston Astros

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During the “Bark in the Park” evenings, only 500 places will be suitable for dogs. These seats are all located in section 115-117. Well thought out, because these three sections are the first three sections from right field.

There will be a private entrance and exit for those with pets. Again, it’s well planned, as the dog-friendly sections are the first three sections through the private pet-friendly entrance and exit.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Tampa Bay Rays

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The stadium takes everything into account by providing hydration stations (water bowls in the stands) and extra doggy bags in case of an emergency in the bathroom (or as my dogs like to call it, “potty”) ).

Of course, dogs must stay on a leash and follow all other rules and regulations. For more information or to buy tickets, see the press release here.

I think it’s a super cool, fun and inclusive event that I hope to be myself. And my dogs want to go there. They told me.

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