Breeding sausage dogs to look cute warning from the Kennel Club



Breeding sausage dogs to “look cute” with exaggerated characteristics should not continue, according to new guidelines.

Advice on breeding dachshunds is being changed, said the Kennel Club, which says the popular small breed must be commensurate with proper “ground clearance”.

The breed has seen a “huge increase” in popularity in recent years among advertisers and celebrities, the organization said.

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A Kennel Club spokeswoman said dogs with overly exaggerated physical characteristics were one of her top priorities.

She said: “These exams take place by looking at current breed-specific health information and are explicit that any physical exaggeration should be avoided.

“Dachshunds have been hit by a huge increase in popularity over the past few years, largely because they are the breed of choice for advertisers, social media and celebrities.

“This means that some exaggerated examples of breed that may be perceived as ‘cute’ may gradually become seen as normal and desirable, when in fact it could mean that they are more predisposed to back pain and disc disease.

“These small but important changes were made to the Dachshund breed standard in an effort to ensure that they cannot be misinterpreted and that all dogs within the Kennel Clubs’ sphere of influence are bred with their health and well-being as a top priority. “

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He suggests that the breed should be “moderately long for height” with “sufficient ground clearance, not less than a quarter of the height at the withers. [shoulders] allow free movement “, the Sunday opening hours reported.

She added that while some varieties of dachshund have become increasingly popular, “our advice is the same when considering buying a puppy.

“Prospective owners should do their research and find a good breeder who puts health and wellness first, is aware of any health concerns, and uses the appropriate health tools and programs to raise the puppies. healthier. “

The dogs are so wanted they have been targeted by thieves, eight of whom were stolen from a farm near Swadlincote six months ago. Since then, five have been found; some with the help of Pet Detective Lisa Dean, of Newark, who helped reunite around 700 pets with their owners and nearly 100 of them were this year alone.

She vowed to continue the search for the three missing sausage dogs, Cookie, Doris and Nora.

In another incident, Dachshund Minnie was stolen while on a walk with her owner in Woodville and later found.

Minnie was abducted on a walk in April when her owner was pushed to the ground and the beloved pet was thrown into the back of a car as thieves speeded up.

She was reunited with her owner days later after being taken to a Loughborough area vet – safe and unharmed.

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