Badger Kennel Club hosts Badger Classic Dog Show

STOUGHTON, Wis. – “It’s just a smaller version of Westminster in your garden!”

Showing dogs has always felt like home to Tami Jackson.

“I am a second generation person. [I] grew up with this breed – [I] grew up doing this,” said Tami, who is a member of the Badger Kennel Club.

And this weekend, she was able to continue that tradition.

“There are plenty of opportunities to participate in events with your dog across the country every weekend,” Tami said.

The Badger Classic Dog Show hosted nearly 600 attendees at numerous events.

“You might see agility and other performance events that really try to see how well the person and the dog work together as a team,” Tami said.

There are a ton of events sponsored by the American Kennel Club. Everything from barn hunting to FAST Cat.

The FAST Cat is a timed 100-yard dash that is separate from the dog show.

“Dogs love it, there’s no training. The dog chases a lure or runs towards mom,” said Joan Mrkvicka, president of FAST Cat of the Badger Kennel Club.

“You can hear the dogs are excited to get on the line and chase that lure.”

Both events help the Badger Kennel Club – which has been around for 80 years.

“We’re a non-profit club so it’s a big money maker for us to help pay for everything,” Joan said.

The support allows these traditions to be passed on to the next series of dog shows.

“Now I have [my own generation] who is interested in learning to work with a dog,” Tami said.

“I love doing it. I love working with people and their dogs,” Joan said.

For more information about Badger Kennel Club, visit here.

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