AKC / USPCA K9 Sense Dog’s First Challenge Comes to ESPN2


NEW YORK, November 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The American Kennel Club (AKC®), the world’s largest purebred dog registry and the leading advocate for all dogs, is delighted to announce that the very first AKC / USPCA K9 Detection Dog Challenge will air on ESPN2 on Sunday November 28e To 10 p.m. ET. The event, organized by the AKC and United States The Police Canine Association brings together the best of the best narcotics and explosives detector dogs from across the country to demonstrate the important role dogs play in law enforcement and the safety of our country.

“We are delighted to host this exciting event with the USPCA,” said AKC Executive Secretary Gina DiNardo. “It’s amazing to see these dogs in action and to show viewers their training and precision. We can’t wait to share it with the ESPN2 audience.”

The event took place on November 15e at the PNC Arena, where ten teams of narcotics dogs and ten teams of explosive dogs competed to see which could find their respective substance – illegal narcotics and explosives – the fastest. The teams overcame the obstacles and sorted the distractions to find the hidden objects. They were graded on the accuracy of their research, the perfection of their alert (telling the handler where the skin is), and the discovery itself (a combination of the dog’s and handler’s ability to accurately tell judges where the skin).

Log into the AKC / USPCA K9 Detection Dog Challenge on Sunday November 28e To 10 p.m. ET. Check with your local provider for ESPN2 channel information. To learn more about AKC events, visit www.akc.org. To learn more about the USPCA, visit https://www.uspcak9.com/.

About the American Kennel Club
Founded in 1884, the American Kennel Club is a non-profit organization that maintains the world’s largest purebred dog registry and oversees the sport of purebred dogs in United States. The AKC is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of its registry, promoting the sport of purebred dogs, and breeding for type and function. With over 5,000 licensed clubs and members and affiliated organizations, the AKC advocates for the purebred dog as a family companion, advances canine health and welfare, strives to protect rights of all dog owners and promotes responsible dog ownership. Over 22,000 AKC registered purebred and mixed breed competitions are held annually under AKC rules and regulations, including conformation, agility, obedience, rallying, tracking , breeding, lure racing, coonhound trials, hunt tests, field tests and dirt dogs.

AKC affiliate organizations include the AKC Humane Fund, AKC Canine Health Foundation, AKC Reunite, and AKC Museum of the Dog. For more information, visit www.akc.org.

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On United States Police dog association
United States The Police Canine Association (USPCA) is the oldest and largest K-9 police organization in the country. Since 1971, we have been training and certifying police dogs in general patrol dog use, tracking, protection, drug detection, explosives detection, arson, fishing and game, search and rescue. These regional and national certifications have been confirmed by more than 78 US Supreme Court and Federal District decisions as a “good faith” test for police use. We are the police dog teams protecting America. We represent the best in police dog training and certification and strive for constant improvement. For more information, visit our website at www.USPCAK9.com.

SOURCE American Kennel Club

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